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Joseph Kariuki


Quality Assurance Support Engineer

GeoSolutions S.A.SMay - June 2022

  • Tested GeoNode data infrastructure based on Django and PostgreSQL new features for bugs and created PRs for review.
  • Worked on geonode-project, a Django-based template customizing and testing Docker environment variables.
  • Tested and documented GeoServer and MapStore Linux deployments.
  • Customized the GeoNode website UX/UI.
  • Made contributions to the GeoNode documentation.
Freelancer & Content Creator

October 2021 - Present

  • Developed and documented website and blog project based on Django jQuery, Docker, PostgreSQL and Bootstrap in a means to assist beginner developers with a template to develop and deploy their own personal website.
  • Created video tutorials on Full Stack development using Django, Bootstrap and deployment using Docker and Heroku.
  • Drafted blog posts on Dev Community Blog on Python, virtual environments using pip and pipenv.
  • Developed and deployed web map applications rendering point location data from PostgreSQL/PostGIS.
GIS Developer & Trainer

Predictive Analytics LabOctober - November 2021

  • Trained on GIS Programming using Python and Vanilla JavaScript. Recordings here.
  • Covered optimization of Geospatial databases and GeoServer in improving feature map rendering.
  • Trained on GIS Analysis using QGIS Desktop and PostgreSQL/PostGIS database.
  • Covered development of WebGIS applications using Leaflet and OpenLayers JavaScript frameworks.
GIS Developer

UN-HABITATMarch 2019 - May 2021

  • Contributed to land information system development that has digitized the issuance process of title deeds in Namibia and increased efficiency by 60% from former semi-digital process. System is based on Python, QGIS API, PostgreSQL and Tomcat.
  • Designed database entity relationship diagrams for the land information system which aided in modeling of the land system’s data inputs, relationships and database roles.
  • Converted UML activity diagrams to Python which aided in rapid agile development of land information system, incorporating PEP8 and PyLint standards.
  • Development of PostgreSQL database triggers and logs for auditing purposes by the administrators. Improved database management; statistical reporting and database security.


  • Languages: Python, JavaScript, Bash, SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Frameworks: Django, Flask, SQLAlchemy, jQuery, WordPress, NodeJS, React, Bootstrap
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Authentication and Security: OAuth2, JWT, Linux Administration
  • Design patterns: MTV/MVC, REST API
  • Version Control: Git


Bachelor of Science in Geospatial Engineering

University of Nairobi - 2011 - 2016