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Joseph Kariuki


FullStack Engineer

Spatial CollectiveOct - Nov 2022

  • Developed dashboard using ReactJS, MapBox, Django and Docker for visualizing urban infrastructure in informal settlements in Nairobi County used for decision making and development planning by stakeholders.
Quality Assurance Support Engineer

GeoSolutions S.A.SMay - June 2022

  • Tested GeoNode data infrastructure based on Django and PostgreSQL new features for bugs and created PRs for review.
  • Worked on geonode-project, a Django-based template customizing and testing Docker environment variables.
  • Tested and documented GeoServer and MapStore Linux deployments.
  • Customized the GeoNode website UX/UI.
  • Made contributions to the GeoNode documentation.
Freelancer & Content Creator

October 2021 - Present

  • Developed and documented website and blog project based on Django jQuery, Docker, PostgreSQL and Bootstrap in a means to assist beginner developers with a template to develop and deploy their own personal website.
  • Created video tutorials on Full Stack development using Django, Bootstrap and deployment using Docker and Heroku.
  • Drafted blog posts on Dev Community Blog on Python, virtual environments using pip and pipenv.
  • Developed and deployed web map applications rendering point location data from PostgreSQL/PostGIS.
GIS Developer & Trainer

Predictive Analytics LabOctober - November 2021

  • Trained on GIS Programming using Python and Vanilla JavaScript. Recordings here.
  • Covered optimization of Geospatial databases and GeoServer in improving feature map rendering.
  • Trained on GIS Analysis using QGIS Desktop and PostgreSQL/PostGIS database.
  • Covered development of WebGIS applications using Leaflet and OpenLayers JavaScript frameworks.
GIS Developer

UN-HABITATMarch 2019 - May 2021

  • Contributed to land information system development that has digitized the issuance process of title deeds in Namibia and increased efficiency by 60% from former semi-digital process. System is based on Python, QGIS API, PostgreSQL and Tomcat.
  • Designed database entity relationship diagrams for the land information system which aided in modeling of the land system’s data inputs, relationships and database roles.
  • Converted UML activity diagrams to Python which aided in rapid agile development of land information system, incorporating PEP8 and PyLint standards.
  • Development of PostgreSQL database triggers and logs for auditing purposes by the administrators. Improved database management; statistical reporting and database security.


  • Languages: Python, JavaScript, Bash, SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Frameworks: Django, Flask, SQLAlchemy, jQuery, WordPress, NodeJS, React, Bootstrap
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Authentication and Security: OAuth2, JWT, Linux Administration
  • Design patterns: MTV/MVC, REST API
  • Version Control: Git


Bachelor of Science in Geospatial Engineering

University of Nairobi - 2011 - 2016