Travel Map

Web mapping application for visualizing travelled places indicated by markers on the base map.

Technologies: OpenLayers, JavaScript, Git

OnyeshaMap Web App

Web mapping application for visualizing bus stops within Kenya’s capital, Nairobi’s central business district. It is coined ‘onyeshamap‘ that is Swahili for saying show the map.

Technologies: Python, Django, LeafletJS, PostgreSQL/PostGIS


Metienne is love and inspirational website and blog. Visit the website by clicking here. 

Technologies: WordPress, L.A.M.P stack

Phoenix Multiscope

Phoenix Multiscope is a company website for a design and build company in Kenya. Visit their website by clicking here.

Technologies: L.A.M.P stack, WordPress


Athena SL is a website for an ICT solutions company based in Kenya. 

Technologies: L.A.M.P stack, WordPress

Desktop Calculator

This is an interactive and simple calculator for your desktop demonstrating math and user interface functionalities using code.

Technologies: Python, PyQt5

Land pages

This is a land, youth, and gender advocacy website and blog. To visit the website, click here.

Technologies: WordPress, L.A.M.P stack

Desktop To-do List

An interactive to-do list for your desktop the keeps a record of your to-do items.

Technologies: Python, PyQt5, SQLite

Desktop User Interfaces

Projects showcasing types of the desktop user interface, their layouts, actions, and more.

Technologies: Python, PyQt5