Hi, I'm Joseph

Welcome to this digital space for my personal ramblings and musings. I'm a software developer by passion and geospatial engineer by profession; a reason as to why my safe haven lies between the terminal and the map. When I am not thinking about code and maps, you will find me reading inspirational books and articles, fantasizing about solitude life in Mars, and surfing the internet.

Welcome to my digital space. 🌌

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Side Projects

Kennmer Foods GeoPortal

Deployment and maintenance of GIS content management system for publishing …

MapForFuture GeoPortal

GIS content management system for sharing location-based data.

Joseph Kariuki

My personal website and blog

Demo Website and Blog

Simple and mobile-friendly website and blog.



Django Tutorial

Create and deploy a simple website and blog using Django.


GeoNode Tutorial

Configuring and managing WebGIS geo-portals using GeoNode.

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