A Multifaceted Geospatial Software Developer

I'm Joseph Kariuki, Welcome.

Kariuki is a geospatial engineer, software developer and story teller from Nairobi, Kenya. He is passionate about mapping and coding. During his leisure time he likes to blog and record videos on maps and coding and has contributed on a number of projects.


Joseph Kariuki

Web – Mapping – Coding

What Kariuki does


GIS & web Mapping

Contact Kariuki for Geo-Information related consultancy on Desktop, Web and Server Geographic Information Systems (GIS) projects. He has experience in developing and training on GIS software.

Software Development

Contact Kariuki for coding projects preferably but not limited to Python and JavaScript. He has experience in software designing, agile development, cloud compute projects etc.

Creating Content

Kariuki has a YouTube channel and Blog where he shares cool videos and posts on technology and geospatial related content. 

Most Recent


Kariuki has worked on some client and personal projects that are shown on the side. Take a sneak peek.