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I design and develop solutions and experiences that make People's lives simple

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I believe in determination and having a 'get-it-done kind of attitude in my work.

Each day comes with a lesson or two, each project’s challenge with a milestone to achieve, and let the universe hear it out loud.


Website Development

I have been developing websites out of passion, interest, and interaction with the World Wide Web. Contact me for your website development requirements and queries.

Software Development

I am a self-taught desktop and web applications and software developer with proven expertise in various languages. For services on this, visit my services and project page.

G.I.S and Mapping

I possess a background in geospatial engineering and in developing full-stack geospatial applications for organizations and clients alike. Please contact me for more detail on this.


Happy Clients

"Kariuki possesses a good skill set in engaging with clients and also in website development. He developed a cool website for me and I liked his work and would recommend him to other interested clients out there."
"Kariuki is competent in the work he does especially in website deployment and I would not hesitate to recommend him for others in need of his services."
"I liked the work that Kariuki did for me and I believe he is the right contact for web and geospatial development projects and keeps one in the loop as he does his work. I highly recommend him."


In my line of work and projects, I leverage on Python and JavaScript languages and some of their frameworks. Check out my GitHub portfolio for details.

I have been working with different geographic information systems (G.I.S) software and stacks, both open source and enterprise to achieve client, organization and personal goals in various projects

I work with various web development stacks such as Django and Flask frameworks LAMP stack, MERN stack, CPanel and WordPress among others for website development, designing and deployment

When I have time, I create content, both video and blog on various hacks in computer programming, geospatial and mapping stuff for sharing and informative purposes.



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