Joseph Kariuki

Nairobi-based software developer, geospatial engineer and content creator, I operate at the intersection of software engineering and geospatial tech. Revolving around this unique topic, this website features both my own personal work and the multidisciplinary career work that I contribute to.

About Me

Software Developer

Self-taught developer who hails from Nairobi, Kenya who has adopted a life-long journey of learning and applying acquired knowledge for the betterment of society and humanity at large.


I have been developing solutions mostly in back-end in my career and in personal projects as well and my goal is to incorporate front-end in my current skill set, transitioning into full-stack,

Geospatial Engineer

Geo-spatial Engineer by profession with a record in designing and developing full-stack geographic information systems (GIS) software.


I write articles and create video content on the side with an intent to teach as I learn more about the tech trends in the geo-spatial engineering field.

My Services

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Web Development

Over the recent years I have acquired skills in developing web solutions for organizations and clients alike. I have been using the following stack: Python, Django, Flask, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Git and currently learning ReactJS and VueJS.

GIS Development

I am glad to answer your GIS development needs. In addition to my background in geospatial engineering, my specailty revolves but not limited to GeoNode, LeafletJS, PostGIS, GeoServer, MapStore, OpenLayers, QGIS and Open Street Maps (OSM) geospatial software.

Work Experience

GeoSolutions S.A.S: Quality Assurance & Support Engineer

2022: May-Present

  • Updating and testing the GeoNode documentation.
  • Troubleshooting and improving existing GeoServer and MapStore server instances for clients.
  • Bug fixing tasks on the GeoNode project repository.

UN-Habitat: Land Information Systems Consultant


  • Providing technical capacity support to the Land’s Ministry in Namibia.
  • Achievement 1: Over 2000 land records generated using the system.
  • Achievement 2: Digitizing manual (paper-based) land tenure business processes by 70%.

UN-Habitat: Senior Python Developer


  • Designing and developing of business processes employed in informal land registration in Namibia.
  • Achievement 1: Reducing overhead
    cost of enterprise software purchase by 80%.
  • Achievement 2: Increasing personnel confidence in using the Land Information System by 40% through technical training and incorporating feedback.

E-Kraal: Software Developer


  • Designing, developing and testing customized software based on open-source technologies for company’s clientele on a needs basis.
  • Achievement 1: Relieved clients the initial license cost in adopting full enterprise solutions by at least 30%.
  • Achievement 2: Positive uptake and trust in the developed open source solutions by 40%..